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Is cannabis legal in Spain?

The cannabis position in Spain is unique and has nothing in common with some other countries. So here are some key points.

  • It is not legal to trade in marijuana or hashish;
  • It is not possible to carry cannabis materials;

You can’t smoke marijuana publicly in an open way that everyone can see you. But there are also some things about cannabis that are allowed:

  • you can grow plants at home but no more than 2 and in a way that no one can see them;
  • you can be a member of the weed association (this is organized not like in Amsterdam, it is a private club) and consume cannabis and its products inside of this place.

Cannabis club or Coffeeshop?

The most important difference between Coffeeshop in Amsterdam and Cannabis club in Spain is privacy. In Spain, it is not a public place where you can go anytime from the street. You have to be a member of this club and to become one you have to be sponsored by the member of the association. The second option is to get an invitation from the club itself.

The idea of any Cannabis Social Club is to grow marijuana for the donations of the members. It is a community that brings together people who like to smoke weed and can have some events together. In Spain, they are called usually Las Asociaciones de Cannabis or Cannabis Social Clubs.

Why do I need a membership?

We all want to follow the law, don’t we? That’s why membership is necessary to guarantee the legal way of consuming marijuana. It is not as difficult as it seems just get the invitation from existing members or from the club itself and you can join this community.

Only for the reason that it is a private club with a donation (usually it is 20 euros a year for the membership plus 10-15 euros per 1 gram of weed) you can’t use the word “buy”, better to say “get”, “have”, or “try”. Probably this is the main difference that you can see inside comparing with for example Amsterdam's coffeeshops.