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How to join a cannabis club?

  1. Select a club from the weedmap and click "Become a member".
  2. Fill out the application form and wait for an invitation email.
  3. Visit the club in person, show your invitation and a valid ID at the registration desk.
  4. Review club rules and pay the annual membership fee to obtain club card.

Why Barcelona cannabis clubs Members only?

Under Spanish law, marijuana consumption is restricted to private spaces. This means it's allowed at home or designated associations like Cannabis Social Clubs, which require membership for access. Barcelona cannabis clubs are exclusive members-only associations not open to the public. To enter, you must become a member via invitation from an existing member or the club itself. Upon approval, you'll receive a membership card granting access to the club. These clubs operate within legal limits, ensuring a controlled and safe environment for cannabis consumption. According to Spanish law, the consumption as well as possession of cannabis in public spaces (outside of the cannabis clubs) is illegal.

Cannabis Club or CoffeeShop?

Unlike Amsterdam's weed coffee shops, Spanish cannabis social clubs, particularly those in Barcelona, have a distinct model. They are non-profit associations focusing on a members-only format, cultivating marijuana exclusively for their members' consumption. To join, individuals pay a voluntary membership fee, also known as "donation," gaining legal access to cannabis produced by the club. These clubs do not engage in traditional "buying" or "selling"; instead, terms like "get," "have," or "consume" are appropriate. The donation model ensures compliance with the law, enabling clubs to operate and members to enjoy cannabis legally.

Who can join a cannabis club?

Club membership is open to Spanish citizens as well as foreigners.
+ 18
Under Spanish law, anyone who is 18 years of age or older is legally permitted to consume marijuana.
+ 21
However, many clubs have implemented stricter policies and require members to be at least 21 years old.

Membership costs

To join a cannabis club in Barcelona, you need to pay an annual fee of 20€ - 50€ (varying per club). Discounts and short-term memberships usually don't exist. Respect the club's policies; don't ask to buy cannabis without registration. If visiting with friends, each person must register individually, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

What does annual membership include?

Upon paying the annual fee you get 12 months' access to the club. Note that everything you get from the dispensary requires separate fees. Fees range from 8€ to 15€ per gram, depending on the strain of weed. Most clubs are cash-only, so bring sufficient funds with you.

Cannabis сlubs photos

Cannabis сlubs photos


When visiting the club for the first time, you have to undergo the registration process. Show your invitation and a valid photo ID at the reception desk. Club staff will explain the club's rules and answer your questions.
Valid proof of identity and age is necessary for registration and entry as the club upholds the responsibility of ensuring that only people of the appropriate age that are club members are present on the premises.
Acceptable documents include the original passport, ID card, or driving license. Student IDs, photocopies, photos, or scanned documents on your phone will not be accepted.


The club's dispensary offers diverse cannabis options: various strains, pre-rolls (joints, spliffs), hashish, edibles, vape products, and extracts like wax, resin, shatter, and sugar wax, etc. Monthly consumption limit is 100 g/person to ensure responsible use.
No need to bring supplies; the club provides rolling paper, filters, grinders, tobacco, and smoking devices like bongs and vaporizers, etc.
If you happen to have unused cannabis from your visit to the club, it’s recommended to store it at the club for future visits, maximizing membership benefits.

Basic rules

Members only
Age limit
No photos
Cash only
Cash only
No suitcases
No suitcases
Responsible consumption

Can I take marijuana out of the club?

Cannabis use is legal only within the club premises; consumption in public spaces carries fines of 500-1,000 euros. It's strongly advised not to take marijuana outside the club, but some still do. If you choose to carry cannabis, be discreet and hide it well, preferably in your underwear. Note that this doesn't guarantee legal safety. Consider the risks and legal implications before deciding to carry marijuana out of the club.

Club etiquette

Cannabis clubs in Barcelona offer a unique and friendly atmosphere that sets them apart from Amsterdam's coffee shops or California's weed cafes. Respect and maintain this ambiance during your visit. Maintain a calm and peaceful environment: avoid making excessive noise, talking loudly, or yelling. No photography and videotaping. Be considerate: respect personal boundaries, privacy, and the personal space of others. Any form of inappropriate behavior, such as harassment or aggression, may result in the cancellation of your membership and expulsion from the club.

Enjoy a safe and comfortable experience at Barcelona cannabis clubs by following these simple tips and guidelines.

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