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Cannabis clubs in Barcelona: a cheat sheet for your first visit

If you plan a trip to Barcelona and aim to visit a cannabis club, then here we are with our cheat sheet with simple instructions on how to behave. Check the short list of the crucial rules so that you feel safe on your first visit to Spanish cannabis associations.

On the way to the club

What to take with you?

  • Your identity card (ID) and/or passport/driving license. Clubs follow the KYC (know your customer) rule and must verify your age before letting you in.
  • Invitation letter. To become a member, you must be invited by a valid member of the club or have an invention from the club itself.
  • Cash. Cannabis club associations do not accept any cards.

What not to bring?

Suitcases and large bags.

How do I find the entrance?

There are no signs at the entrance of the club. You have to find the doorbell and ring it – someone will open the door and take you to reception.

At reception

Provide the invitation and your ID, learn the club rules, pay the membership fee (usually around €20 per year), and then you will get a club card. This card and your ID card/passport must be with you whenever you visit.
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Inside the club

There are several different areas inside the club:

  • A dispensary.
    This is a showcase that displays an available assortment of cannabis products and smoking devices such as bonds, pipes, and volcano vaporizers that are free to use for members.
  • Lounge areas.
    Simplest, sofas with coffee tables, and in many clubs, there are special game zones, stages for musicians and comedians, rooms for large companies, or, on the contrary, separate tables for private moments.
  • Work zones.
    Some clubs have specially equipped comfortable tables for working on a laptop, with Wi-Fi and power points.

Remember that it is legal to consume marijuana in any club area.

What is available in the dispensary?

There is only the best cannabis in Europe in Barcelona's cannabis clubs. There are usually at least 10-15 strains of marijuana on the assortment, along with hashish, extracts, CBD, and all sorts of cannabis-infused sweets.

Clubs provide their guests with various smoking accessories and equipment such as bongs, volcanoes, pipes, as well as paper, filters, and tobacco. You can also choose from pre-made joints.

If you are not sure what to choose – feel free to ask for advice from the badtender, the person who works at the counter of the dispensary. He/she will guide you through the assortment and inform you about varieties and THC content.


When you're inside, you're not allowed to take photos or videos.

Can I get some weed? The correct vocabulary

In the clubs, there is no use of the words "buy" and "sell". Instead of buy and purchase, they say get, have, or collect.

Unique club "vibe"

It is easy to feel at home in the clubs – they are cozy and have a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. It's comforting and friendly enough that it's easy to meet other members and chat for hours.

100 grams per person per month

That is the legal limit of marijuana consumption per person. Accordingly, a club member can take no more than 100 grams of cannabis per month.

Leaving the cannabis club

  • Leaving the club under the influence of marijuana is allowed.
    You can legally consume as much as you want inside the club without breaking any laws and then go out in public.
  • Leave cannabis for storage.
    If you have not smoked/vaped any cannabis, it can be stored in a dispensary under your name until your next visit to the club.
  • Take any unused cannabis with you.
    It is against the law to take cannabis outside the club, although no one de facto checks it. However, it's up to you to make the final decision, while the responsibility is yours as well. In case you decide to take it with you – first of all, don't take too much, and secondly, be sure to hide it.

So, here are outlined the most crucial things to mind on the first visit to a cannabis club in Barcelona.

Follow the easy instruction and have a good one!